X:site – May 17th

The Holy Spirit – John 14:15-18; 25-26

Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit to help, to show truth and to teach.

That the children will learn, Jesus died, came back to life and is now with God the father in Heaven. God is still with me through the Holy Spirit who helps me to live my life for God.

Teaching Objective for the children to understand:

  1. When Jesus died and returned to Heaven, he did not leave his followers on their own. God came to be with them – the Holy Spirit is God living with us.
  2. The Holy Spirit is a helper
  3. The Holy Spirit will stay with us forever if we ask him

Key/memory verse:

John 14:16 Jesus said “Then I will ask the Father to send you the Holy Spirit who will help you and always be with you.”

May 17th, starting at 6pm @ St. Paul’s Elim