Next X:site – May 9th

Timothy – the young one, the timid one.

So often we focus on the big names or the heroes of the Bible, but not many of us are like them, really.  So this year we are looking at the little people of the Bible, who are much more like us and the children who come to X:site.  God used these people to do amazing things, and without them the big story of the Bible would be very different – ‘God’s Incredibles’

Young (1 Tim 4 v12), timid (2 Tim 1 v7), often unwell (1 Tim 5 v23) and with a mixed race background (Acts 16 v1-3), Timothy might have felt he had nothing to offer to God.  As he was from Lystra (Acts 16) he may have witnessed Paul’s visit in Acts 14, with an amazing healing and people starting to offer a sacrifice to Paul and Barnabas followed quickly by Paul being stoned and left for dead.  When he returned to Lystra, Paul chose to take Timothy with him and trained him up to take over from him.  What would have happened to all Paul’s great work for God if there had been no one to carry it on afterwards?   Paul spoke of Timothy as ‘his child’ (eg 1 Tim 1 v8), and reminded him that had known the Holy Scriptures since he was little (2 Tim 3 v15).  As it is near to Pentecost, we will include a focus on the Holy Spirit who helps us when we feel small, weak and not able to do anything for God.

We need to be Bible detectives to get the most out of Timothy’s story – surely a ‘little person’ who had a big impact for God in the early church.

Teaching Objectives for the children to understand:

  • No one is too young for God to choose and use them
  • We might feel timid or not really strong about following Jesus, but He gives us the Holy Spirit who fills us with love, power and self-control.

Key/memory verse:

‘For the Spirit that God has given us fills us with power, love and self-control’  2 Timothy 1 verse 7, which is what Paul wrote to Timothy to encourage him.