About Us

IMG_7544X:Site is a fun and creative way to gather kids in school years 3-6 in the northern part of Cumbria together to worship God.

It started in the Autumn of 2012, as a joint project between several local churches from different denominational backgrounds and Scripture Union.

Core Team:

  • Neal Andrews, Games, St John’s, Houghton
  • Kate Davidson, Co-ordinator / Fire officer, St James, Denton Holme
  • Anthony Farrar, Drama, St James, Denton Holme
  • Yvonne Halliwell, Music, Hebron
  • Daphne Libby, Admin, St Michael’s , Stanwix
  • Annmarie Pattinson, Co-ordinator / publicity, Thurstonfield Methodist
  • Jean Ranson, Safeguarding officer, Elim Community
  • Diane Taylor, Small groups, St Peter’s, Kingmoor
  • Kristian Tjemsland, Junior Team, The Carlisle Network Youth Church

Council of Reference

  • Rev Alan Meyer, Elim Community Church, Carlisle
  • Mr Howard Newton, Hebron Evangelical Church, Carlisle
  • Rev Andrew Towner, St Peter’s / St John’s Houghton, Carlisle


ADVERTISEMENT DISCLAIMER: as this website is hosted for free , we are not in control of the occasional ads that are on this page. Please let us know if any of them are offensive or not age appropriate by emailing us here.

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